Southside Orthopaedic Specialists

Southside Orthopaedic Specialists (SOS) are a combined group of Orthopaedic Surgeons servicing the southern region of Brisbane with a range of expertise in treating all hand, upper and lower limb injuries in patients who would like to be treated privately or are covered by WorkCover insurance. We provide clinical advice and appropriate management of patients from referring Practitioners and Emergency Departments and these patients would be treated either at Sunnybank Private Hospital, Greenslopes Hospital or Holy Spirit Hospital.

CALL: 0434 155 192 EMAIL:

What to do to refer a patient in an emergency situation?

Please call the number above and you will get to a nurse/admin staff based at Sunnybank Private Hospital. Present the case to this person providing patient details and your contact number. This information will then be relayed to the orthopaedic surgeon on call who will call back and advice on a plan of action.

What to do to refer a patient with non-urgent orthopaedic problems?

You can do the same thing outlined above OR send your referral by taking a photo of the referral letter and sending it as an SMS to the number above OR by email to the email id above with contact details for the patient and referrer. The patient can be sent home if safe to do so and we will organise an appointment to see the patient based on the referral. In this case there is no need to make the phone call.

Is this service 24/7?

Yes, it is for orthopaedic emergencies however non-emergency cases can be referred even without a phone call and will be dealt with the following day.

Are there any orthopaedic /trauma cases that we will not accept?

The following type of cases will not be accepted for care: Multiple system severe injuries which require multispecialty & intensive care management, spinal and pelvic fractures, injuries requiring reimplantation and injuries in children below 6 years

Will there be any out of pocket expenses for patients?

This will vary depending on the insurance and there may be a gap to pay. This will be usually be no more than $500 but in exceptional situations may be more.

Do we accept WorkCover patients and what requirements are required for such patients?

Yes, we do accept such patients. We generally require a WorkCover number to be provided but referrals can be made pending issuance of a WorkCover number. A WorkCover certificate must be issued to the worker and a copy sent to us by email or by SMS.

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