Day Surgery at Sunnybank Private Hospital

Due to major advances in medical technology, many of our patients now have surgery or procedures without needing to stay overnight in hospital.

Please shower, wear comfortable clothing and no jewellery.

So that we can safely care for you during your anaesthetic or sedation please do not wear any make-up or nail polish.

Contact your doctor if you experience any change in condition prior to the day of your operation (cold, fever etc). Arrange for someone to transport you home – you will not be discharged without support.

Your specialist will provide you with your admission time and fasting instructions. It is very important that you strictly adhere to your fasting times as detailed by your doctor or the hospital. Fasting also means no smoking, chewing gum or water.

Take your normal morning medication with a sip of water prior to your admission as instructed by your specialist. If you are diabetic and you take medication for this, including insulin, we ask that you phone the Same Day Unit on 07 3344 9247 for further instructions the afternoon before your admission.

  • Any mobility aides that you use
  • Current X-Rays & scans
  • Current medications in their original labelled bottles or packets dispensed from your chemist, including inhalers (puffers).

Upon arrival please present to the ‘Admissions’ desk. You will then be directed to the Day Surgery Unit before being taken to the Operating Theatre.

You will be admitted by the nursing staff and prepared for your procedure.

We will aim to give you and your family an estimate of what time you will be discharged from the hospital.

We ask if you do require a medical/carers certificate please advise nursing staff on admission.

While we aim to keep your waiting time to a minimum, the nature of surgery sometimes means your theatre time may be delayed due to the unexpected/extended needs of other patients seeing your Doctor.

We will keep you informed of this on the day and ask for your patience and co-operation in the matter.

If you need any assistance during this time or you are concerned about the delay please speak to the nursing staff and they will be more than happy to assist you.

To allow your child to settle in we will organise for them be admitted to the Surgical Ward prior to their procedure. To provide support and comfort for your child we encourage you to be with them before theatre. If you are bringing any siblings please arrange a carer to stay with them so you are available to be with your child when needed throughout the day.
When you are ready for discharge the nursing staff will notify your family/carer when you are ready to go home. You will be given written information with your post operative instructions. Please be aware following your anaesthetic you will be required to have someone stay with you overnight and for the following 24 hours you will not be able to drive. We also advise you to rest for the following 24 hours after your procedure. For up to 24 hours a small amount of anaesthetic may still be circulating in your body. This may impair your reflexes, co-ordination and mental processes. We will contact you the day after your surgery to check on your progress.

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