Visitor Information

Your room has been designed with your comfort and safety in mind.

At the time of admission, your bed will have been allocated on the basis of clinical need and availability.

We will always endeavour to accommodate you in a private room although occasionally, shared accommodation may be allocated.

Free onsite parking is available at the hospital for patients and visitors. Regular bus services operate along Mains Road, Sunnybank.

Please request transport information and taxi services through reception.

Smoking is not permitted within our facility or within 5 meters of the hospital boundaries.

Bringing food for patients
There are certain risks involved when you, your family or friends bring food into hospital.

If you wish to bring food products into the hospital please talk to your nurse.

A maximum of one (1) adult visitor is recommended per IN-PATIENT. These visitors must not have travelled overseas in the last 14 days, or be unwell and must be screened on arrival.

Visits should be limited to one per day, for no more than 1 hour. Social distancing (1.5 metres apart) must be observed when visiting.

All authorised visitors should be over 16 years of age or as approved by EXEC/HNC.

Paediatric patients– Limited to 1 parent to remain with patient at all times, plus one additional visitor restricted to 1 hour.

Day procedure – no change from original guideline. No visitors, only pick up post procedure.

Intensive Care Unit – zero (0) visitors permitted.

Maternity Unit – Limited to partner only. Siblings are not allowed to visit.

Your Feedback

Sunnybank Private Hospital ‘s health care team is dedicated to anticipating your needs and meeting your expectations. We constantly seek to improve our patient care and services; we therefore welcome all your feedback.

Our Assistance

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